Information of Cryptocurrencies 101:
What is a Cryptocurrency/Crypto Assets?Crypto Assets are a virtual assets , which is emerging a Global Store of Value backed by the blockchain technology, creating a decentralised ecosystem. There are more than 5000 Crypto Assets & Cryptocurrencies , out of which Bitcoin is the most prominent one.
Are Crypto Assets Legal in India?Yes, Cryptoassets is absolutely legal in India.
What is the Future of CryptoassetsTrading in India?The scope of Crypto Assets in India looks really amazing as India has a very high potential , which would contribute to the enhancement of the economy as well.
How to Buy Cryptoassets in India?You can buy Crypto Assets in India by downloading Biteeu, and then you can follow the simple steps to buy several CryptoAssets with INR, at the best rate.
Why Biteeu is the best Crypto Assets Trading Platform in India?Biteeu is powered by Bittrex global which is leading, most compliant, reputed , secured and oldest crypto currency exchange globally since 2014. We offer highest liquidity, easy to use app with pro tools for the traders along with highest liquidity shared from bittrex along with 24*7 deposit/withdrawal support.
How can I buy any Crypto Assets other than bitcoins in India?You can buy several crypto currencies from Biteeu and the process is exactly the same like buying Bitcoin. You need to download the Biteeu app and complete the KYC process after that you can buy any cryptos with INR.
Which is the best Crypto Asset to invest in India?All the Crypto Assets have their unique vision statement, with a different purpose. You need to do thorough research on any Crypto Assets you are deciding to invest in. Bitcoin is the most favorable Crypto Assets in India. Other Crypto’s include Ethereum, Ripple, Binance Coin, and Litecoin.
Why is it the best time to invest in crypto?Based on its market capitalization data from CoinMarketCap, BTC ranks #1 in the world. When Bitcoin`s market capitalization is doubled, it would be bigger than market capitalization of currencies like INR, JPY, etc.
How is Crypto Assets disrupting the global scenario?Crypto Assets particularly Bitcoin, Ethereum is emerging as a global store of value. Crypto Assets being traded globally provides a good hedge against global inflation and emerging as store of value as it can be traded and encashed in any currency around the world. “ Think of holding Bitcoin like holding USD, INR, GBP, EUR together” The best part of crypto is that its decentralized, fast, secured and operates on a P2P network. Moreover, a lot of countries around the world have come up with Cryptobanks & Regulations enabling holders of such assets to borrow and lend funds at a very competitive rate of interest. Moreover if you look at the global scenario several Countries like US, UK , EU, Australia, Singapore have launched several crypto friendly frameworks supporting businesses and startups in this area.

Registration & KYC Process:
Can I trade without KYC Submission?KYC is mandatory for AML, compliance and taxation purposes. We follow compliances very strictly.
What documents are required for KYC?Please refer to our sign up page
How safe are my documents with Biteeu?We take privacy of our users seriously and all documents kept with us are secured and encrypted.

Deposit & Withdrawal Info:
How to deposit INR in biteeu?You can start depositing as soon as you Verify and map your bank account
How to deposit Digital Assets in biteeu?You can select the crypto to be deposited and it will be credited based on blockchain confirmation.
Can I store my Crypto Assets in biteeu?Biteeu does provide secured wallet with security of Bittrex, world's leading and most secure crypto exchange however, there has been several hacks on hot wallets /exchange wallets and we request all our users to store their crypto assets securely in cold storage either in ledger, trezor, or any any other cold storage where keys are in your control. Due to the nature of Crypto Assets Biteeu or neither of its affiliates could take complete responsibility of users crypto funds however, we have industry leading security practices and proven track record.
How to transfer funds from biteeu to bank account?You can deposit funds only from your linked bank accounts using several modes of payment, funds deposited from unlinked accounts will be charged penalty and credited back immediately at our jurisdictions
Can I change my bank account information on biteeu?Yes, you can by raising the ticket or contacting our customer support from your registered email id

Trading Info:
How is the price decided for cryptocurrencies on biteeu?Biteeu is a P2P trading platform, all prices are decided by the users.
What is the trading fee in biteeu?Biteeu charges a small fee for facilitating transactions among its verified users.
How to buy/sell bitcoin on biteeu?one can start using Biteeu instantly by signing up and passing through instant KYC
What do I do if the placed order doesn’t execute?Biteeu tries to provide the highest liquidity and fastest order matching engine so we try our best ensuring orders get executed; however, there could be scenarios where bid/ask price doesn't match.

How safe is biteeu?Biteeu is the only exchange in India which PECB MS ISO/IEC 27001 :2013 certified plus all our asset custody are with Bittrex Global which is known for their highest security standards and never been hacked.
Does biteeu support 2 – factor authentication?Yes, 2 FA is an integral part of our security ecosystem
What to do when I see suspicious activity in my account?Please report to us immediately and change all passwords of your account immediately.

FAQ’s for Institutions:
How to get started?Institutions can sign up by following these steps or drop us an email to [email protected]
What is the difference between an exchange and OTC desk?OTC desk is basically for high volume traders who trade above 10Lacs INR in a single transaction and don't wish to post positions in the order book.
Should I open an account with an exchange or OTC desk?Your account is automatically also on boarded with OTC desk and will be contacted if you wish to trade over 10 Lacs INR.
How do we promote safety and security?We completely protect our clients information as per GDPR and other global standards plus, we are the only platform in India to have a world's leading security certification of PECB MS ISO/IEC 27001 :2013.